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Table 7 Comparison of the change (from T1 to T2) in the upper lip height, lower lip height, upper lip vermilion length, and lower lip vermilion length

From: Changes of lip morphology following mandibular setback surgery using 3D cone-beam computed tomography images

Variables (mm)   Δ(T2 − T1)
Mean SD p value
Upper lip height Ls-Stm 0.76 1.42 0.105
Lower lip height Li-Stm −1.46 1.36 0.005**
Upper lip vermilion length Ch(Rt)-CBP Rt-Ls-CBP Lt-Ch(Lt) 3.54 3.59 0.008**
Lower lip vermilion length Ch(Rt)-LLBP Rt-Li-LLBP Lt-Ch(Lt) −1.90 2.35 0.023*
  1. *Statistically significant difference between the groups (P <0.05)
  2. **Statistically significant difference between the groups (P <0.01)