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Fig. 1

From: Mentolabial angle and aesthetics: a quantitative investigation of idealized and normative values

Fig. 1

Mentolabial (labiomental) angle. This is the anterior angle formed by the intersection of a tangent to the lower lip (sublabiale to labrale inferius) and a tangent to the upper part of the soft tissue chin pad (sublabiale to soft tissue pogonion). Li labrale inferius, the midline point representing the mucocutaneous vermilion border of the lower lip; Sbl sublabiale, the midline point of greatest concavity on the facial contour of the lower lip between the labrale inferius and soft tissue menton. It is the deepest point of the mentolabial fold, also termed the soft tissue B point. Pog’ soft tissue pogonion, the most prominent midline point of the soft tissue chin pad

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