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Fig. 1

From: Modified Fisher method for unilateral cleft lip-report of cases

Fig. 1

Incomplete unilateral cleft lip. a Surgical design: dotted line represents noncleft side normal anatomical landmarks. Circumferential incision along the columella and philtral ridge should be symmetric to the normal side. Each length of incision lines with same color is equal. Inlet incision on medial flap of cleft margin (blue line) has same length with each side of small triangle. This small triangle should be just above the cutaneous roll, and if there is enough length in lateral flap of cleft side, then small triangle flap might be omitted. b After approximation, scar line on the philtral ridge of cleft side is less visible than other methods. c Cleft side lateral lip element can be lengthened by small triangular flap and Rose-Thompson effect. Therefore, the length of the lesser lip height, which means the base of the small triangle, should be 1 mm less than the greater lip height. d-g Nine-month-old boy with incomplete unilateral cleft lip (case 1). h, i Six-month-old boy with incomplete unilateral cleft lip (case 2). j, k Five-year-old boy with incomplete unilateral cleft lip (case 3)

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