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Fig. 2

From: Modified Fisher method for unilateral cleft lip-report of cases

Fig. 2

Three-month-old girl with complete unilateral cleft lip (case 4). a, b Preoperative photos showed complete cleft lip with wide gap and nose deformity. c An inferior turbinate releasing incision, medial flap, and modified lateral flap are used to close the nasal side. d After lip approximation, symmetric lip height was attained. e Alar web correction was performed as a part of primary rhinoplasty with minimally invasive procedure. f Post-operative photos showed symmetric nostril with adequate lip height. g, h Post-operative 1 year photos showed good lip symmetry with natural philtral ridge. Some degree of recurrence of alar web deformity was noticed, which can be corrected after growth completed. i, k Diagram of orbicularis oris muscle overlapping suture showed that the lateral side was located over medial muscle margin to mimic philtral ridge prominence. j Dissection of orbicularis oris muscle from skin and mucosa was performed about 1 mm distal to cut edge. l Orbicularis oris muscle was overlapped and sutured with three 5-0 nylon stitches in the manner of deep to superficial and superficial to deep

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