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Table 1 Calculation of DCE doses for a mouse to achieve equivalence with human adults

From: In vivo protein expression changes in mouse livers treated with dialyzed coffee extract as determined by IP-HPLC

Coffee Ordinary coffee extract Dialyzed coffee extract (DCE)
Caffeine concentration 120 mg/150 mL 60 mg/150 mL
Dialysis coefficient   50%
One cup for a human adult (60 kg, 59.4 L) 150 mL 300 mL (DCE-1)
DCE-1 to 30 g mouse   0.15 mL
DCE-2.5 to 30 g mouse   0.375 mL
DCE-5 to 30 g mouse   0.75 mL
DCE-10 to 30 g mouse   1.5 mL