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Table 1 Definition of the volume of condyle angle and distance measurement

From: Effect of bisphosphonate on temporomandibular joint in osteopenia-induced rats by botulinum toxin A injection on masticatory muscle: a preliminary study

Measurements Definition
V_Con (mm3) Volume of condyle calculated above plane C
Ang123 (deg) Angle between P1, P2, and P3
Ang124 (deg) Angle between P1, P2, and P4
Ang125 (deg) Angle between P1, P2, and P5
D12 (mm) Distance between P1 and P2
D13 (mm) Distance between P1 and P3
D14 (mm) Distance between P1 and P4
D15 (mm) Distance between P1 and P5
D23 (mm) Distance between P2 and P3
D24 (mm) Distance between P2 and P4
D25 (mm) Distance between P2 and P5
  1. V_Con volume of condyle, Ang angle, D distance, Plane C coronal plane, P1 sigmoid notch, P2 mandibular foramen, P3 condyle superior, P4 condyle anterior, P5 condyle posterior, P6 angle