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Table 2 Literature overview of post-operative orthodontic treatment in the surgery-first approach

From: Current status of the surgery-first approach (part I): concepts and orthodontic protocols

Authors (year) Bracket bonding before surgery Arch wire placement before surgery Use of skeletal anchorage for IMF Duration of splint use Initiation of post-operative orthodontic treatment after surgery Use of inter-maxillary elastic for decompensation
Baek et al. (2010) Using bracket or without bracket Passive surgical wires NR 4 weeks 4 weeks Not clear (use of class III mechanics)
Liao et al. (2010) 1 month (022 slot) 1–3 days (016X022 NiTi) NR NR Immediately after surgery Class II elastics
Wang et al. (2010) 1–2 weeks (022 slot) NR NR NR NR NR
Ko et al. (2011) Before surgery 016 SS NR NR Not clear (immediately after surgery) NR
Hermandez-Alfaro et al. (2014) 1 week 1 day (soft wire) 4–8 mini-screws 2 weeks (only for maxillary segmental surgery) 2 weeks Not clear (“Z” elastics for maxillary segmental surgery)
Kim et al. (2014) Before surgery Passive wires NR 4–6 weeks (with intermaxillary elastics) NR (4–6 weeks?) NR
Kim et al. (2014) NR 2–3 weeks (surgical wire) NR 2 weeks with IMF + 2 weeks with class II elastics (for physiotherapy) 2 ± 1 months NR
Choi et al. (2015) Using bracket or without bracket Passive surgical wires NR NR NR NR
  1. NR not reported, NiTi nickel-titanium, SS stainless steel, IMF intermaxillary fixation