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Table 5 Clinical predictors for long-term functional outcomes.

From: Functional outcome predictors following mandibular reconstruction with osteocutaneous fibula free flaps: correlating early postoperative videofluoroscopic swallow studies with long-term clinical results

VariablePost-op G-tubeUnrestricted Diet
Sex0.050 a0.367 a
Cancer diagnosis0.023 a*0.157 a
Radiation exposure0.023 a*0.002 a*
Preoperative G-tube0.026 a*0.030 a*
Percentage tongue resected0.002 a*0.263 a
HCL class0.551 a0.342 a
Condyle resected0.218 a0.574 a
Ramus resected0.367 a0.500 a
Body resected0.367 a0.644 a
Anterior resection0.085 a0.433 a
Age0.217 b0.037 b*
Bony defect (cm)0.600 b0.599 b
Skin paddle area (cm2)<0.001 b*0.072 b
  1. aFisher’s exact test
  2. bStudent’s t-test
  3. *Statistically significant associations are bolded