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Table 2 Masticatory muscles and corresponding dose of botulinum toxin

From: Application of botulinum toxin in maxillofacial field: Part III. Ancillary treatment for maxillofacial surgery and summary

Muscle Origin Insertion Dose Number of injection
Temporalis Temporal fossa Medial and anterior aspect of coronoid process of mandible 5~25 BU 5
Masseter Anterior two thirds of zygomatic arch and zygomatic process of maxilla Lateral surface of angle and lower ramus of mandible 25~50 BUa 5
Medial pterygoid Deep head: medial side of lateral pterygoid plate and fossa between medial and lateral plates.
Superficial head: tuberosity of maxilla and pyramidal process of palatine bone
Medial aspect of angle of mandible 5~25 BU 2~3
Lateral pterygoid Upper head: infratemporal surface of sphenoid bone.
Lower head: lateral surface of lateral pterygoid plate
Pterygoid fovea below condyloid process of mandible and TMJ meniscus 5~10 BU 1
  1. aDose may vary depending on the purpose of use. 25 BU is used for the reduction of masseter muscle activity