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Table 2 Prognostic factors for disease-specific survival of the patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma according to multivariate analysis

From: PD-L1 expression correlated with p53 expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma

CharacteristicsGroupHazard ratio (95%CI)P value 
GenderFemale/male0.389 (0.094-1.610)0.193 
T stageT1–T3/T40.818 (0.077-8.673)0.867 
N stageN(-)/N (+)0.860 (0.262-2.829)0.805 
TNM stageI–III/IV1.259 (0.088-17.941)0.864 
PD-L1 expression in TCsPositive/negative0.412 (0.111-1.530)0.185 
p53 expressionPositive/negative0.655 (0.176-2.440)0.528 
CK17 expressionStrong/weak3.418 (0.806-14.49)0.095 
  1. *P<0.05 was defined as significant difference in statistical analysis