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Fig. 2 | Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Fig. 2

From: Orbicularis oris muscle reconstruction and cheiloplasty with Z-plasty in a patient with a transverse facial cleft

Fig. 2

Markings for repair of the transverse facial cleft. a Point A is located on the healthy side. Point C is located on the commissure side to raise mucocutaneous flap. Incision is made at point C′. b Perpendicular incisions are made through the vermilion border of the lip. Incisions A–D and C′–D are made along the lip, beginning medially and continuing up to point D. c A mucocutaneous flap is elevated from the lower lip and sutured to the upper lip to create a new oral orifice. Points A and C′ are joined to create the white lip in the region of the commissure. Z-plasty flaps are sutured completely

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