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Table 1 Techniques for repair of transverse facial cleft

From: Orbicularis oris muscle reconstruction and cheiloplasty with Z-plasty in a patient with a transverse facial cleft

Cutaneous closureCommissural closure
LinearVermilion-mucosal flap/inferiorly basedVermilion-mucosal flap/ superiorly basedVermilion-mucosal-cutaneous flapCommissure transpositionCutaneous triangular flap
LinearBlackfield and Wilde [22]Powell and Jenkins [23]
Eguchi et al. [24]
 Nagai and Weinstein [25]
Weinstein [26]
 Kawai et al. [18]
Z-plastyBoo-Chai [27]Chen and Noordhoff [28]Kaplan [29]Aketa et al. [5]Fukuda and Takeda [22]Onizuka [30]
Yoshimura et al. [16]
Ono and Tateshita [31]
W-plastyHabal and Scheuerle [32]Habal and Scheuerle [32]Itho et al. [33]
Bauer et al. [34]
May [35]Fukuda and Takeda [22]