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Table 2 Description of craniofacial measurements of distances

From: Three-dimensional computed tomography evaluation of craniofacial characteristics according to lateral deviation of chin

dMeDistance from Me to midsagittal plane(+) indicates right side deviation of menton
dMLDistance from Con to MedMLR: right, dMLL: left
dMBLDistance from Go to MedMBLR: right, dMBLL:left
dRHDistance from Con to GodRHR: right, dRHL: left
dGfxDistance from Gf to midsagittal planedGfxR: right, dGfxL: left
dOrxDistance from Or to midsagittal planedOrxR: right, dOrxL: left
dZyxDistance from Zy to midsagittal planedZyxR: right, dZyxL: left
dGfyDistance from Gf to coronal planedGfyR: right, dGfyL: left
dOryDistance from Or to coronal planedOryR: right, dOryL: left
dZyyDistance from Zy to coronal planedZyyR: right, dZyyL: left
dGfzDistance from Gf to axial planedGfzR: right, dGfzL: left
dOrzDistance from Or to axial planedOrzR: right, dOrzL: left
dZyzDistance from Zy to axial planedZyzR: right, dZyzL: left
  1. *Abbreviations: dML refers to mandibular length; dMBL refers to mandibular body length; dRH refers to ramal height; Me, menton; Con, condylar superius; Go, gonion; Gf, glenoid fossa; Or, orbitale; Zy, zygonion