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Table 5 Intraclass correlation coefficient of craniofacial distance measurements (N = 40).

From: Three-dimensional computed tomography evaluation of craniofacial characteristics according to lateral deviation of chin

 Intraclass correlation coefficient (single)95% confidence interval (single)
dMLdMLR: 0.994, dMLL: 0.994dMLR: 0.988–0.997, dMLL: 0.988–0.997
dMBLdMBLR: 0.987, dMBLL: 0.988dMBLR: 0.976–0.993, dMBLL: 0.977–0.994
dRHdRHR: 0.993, dRHL: 0.994dRHR: 0.987–0.996, dRHL: 0.988–0.997
dGfxdGfxR: 0.972, dGfxL: 0.965dGfxR: 0.948–0.985, dGfxL: 0.934–0.981
dOrxdOrxR: 0.971, dOrxL: 0.943dOrxR: 0.945–0.984, dOrxL: 0.895–0.969
dZyxdZyxR: 0.983, dZyxL: 0.941dZyxR: 0.968–0.991, dZyxL: 0.891–0.968
dGfydGfyR: 0.973, dGfyL: 0.914dGfyR: 0.949–0.986, dGfyL: 0.844–0.954
dOrydOryR: 0.982, dOryL: 0.989dOryR: 0.967–0.991, dOryL: 0.980–0.994
dZyydZyyR: 0.994, dZyyL: 0.987dZyyR: 0.989–0.997, dZyyL: 0.976–0.993
dGfzdGfzR: 0.982, dGfzL: 0.910dGfzR: 0.966–0.990, dGfzL: 0.836–0.911
dOrzdOrzR: 0.994dOrzR: 0.988–0.997
dZyzdZyzR: 0.933, dZyzL: 0.981dZyzR: 0.876–0.964, dZyzL: 0.964–0.990
  1. *Abbreviations: dMe, distance from Me to midsagittal plane; dML, mandibular length; dMBL, mandibular body length; dRH, ramal height; dGfx, distance from glenoid fossa to midsagittal plane; dZyx, distance from zygonion to midsagittal plane; dOrx, distance from orbitale to midsagittal plane; dGfy, distance from glenoid fossa to coronal plane; dZyy, distance from zygonion to coronal plane; dOry, distance from orbitale to coronal plane; dGfz, distance from glenoid fossa to axial plane; dZyz, distance from zygonion to axial plane; dOrz, distance from orbitale to axial plane