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Table 4 Effect of central obesity (anthropometry) on the upper airway anatomy (cephalometry)

From: Gender-specific cephalometric features related to obesity in sleep apnea patients: trilogy of soft palate-mandible-hyoid bone

ParametersAll subjectsMaleFemale
Correlation with NC
 ANB− 0.120− 0.1240.014
 SPL0.197**0.208**− 0.151
 RPS0.022− 0.028− 0.037
 RLS0.168*0.168*− 0.194
Correlation with WHR
 ANB− 0.046− 0.0660.210
 SPL0.177*0.126− 0.033
 RPS0.0670.047− 0.048
  1. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01. Numbers are Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r values). NC neck circumference, WHR waist-hip ratio, ANB angle from A point to nasion to B point, SPL soft palate length, SPT soft palate thickness, RPS retropalatal space, RLS retrolingual space, MPH mandibular plane to hyoid