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Table 2 Comparison of early and later treatment after lingual nerve injury at 12 months after surgery

From: Effect of duration from lingual nerve injury to undergoing microneurosurgery on improving sensory and taste functions: retrospective study

 Early casesLater casesP value
2PD test (mm)12.6 ± 4.211.1 ± 3.70.173
Allodynia appearance6 (13.0%)4 (16.7%)0.857
FSR achievement38 (82.6%)18 (75.0%)0.517
Recovery of taste25 (54.4%)9 (37.5%)0.127
  1. Plus–minus values are means ± SD. P values were calculated using Student’s t test or Fisher’s exact test. In the two-point discrimination test, four patients could not distinguish between two points 20 mm apart. The result of the two-point discrimination test in the four patients was 20 mm