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Table 6 Relationship between FSR achievement and the duration from injury to the microneurosurgery in our study and in past studies

From: Effect of duration from lingual nerve injury to undergoing microneurosurgery on improving sensory and taste functions: retrospective study

 Early casesLater cases     
 FSR achievedTotalFSR achievedTotalThreshold monthsP value, Fisher’s exact testP value, chi-square test95% CI [lower, upper]Effect size
Current study3846182460.5340.659− 0.16, 0.310.09
Bagheri et al. [14]125133768960.0370.056− 0.01, 0.180.14
Susarla et al. [13]1314315030.0470.07, 0.540.28
  1. Effect sizes were calculated with Fisher’s exact test. P value was not calculated with chi-square test in the study by Susarla et al. because the number of patients that did not achieve FSR among the early cases was less than five