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Table 5 Mean and standard deviation of linear and angular measurement in the experimental group

From: Skeletal stability after 2-jaw surgery via surgery-first approach in facial asymmetry patients using CBCT

MeanSDP valueMeanSDP value
A-SRP− 0.2481.6770.010*− 0.0501.4870.884
Pog-CP6.0295.9880.000*− 0.8143.0050.253
R body height0.2571.0930.001*1.0501.4810.006*
L body height1.3481.8280.005*0.9721.6360.018*
R maxillary height3.9411.9950.000*0.3211.3910.327
L maxillary height2.5252.0090.000*0.5481.8760.219
R ramus length1.5361.7830.000*1.3724.7820.227
L ramus length− 0.0203.0970.000*1.4983.8110.104
R frontal ramal inclination− 1.0943.6940.000*− 0.1142.6630.854
L frontal ramal inclination− 4.0052.5960.000*− 0.0212.4910.970
  1. Statistically significant changes were also observed for U1-SRP, R body height, and L body height when the values obtained immediately after surgery (T1) and 6 months after surgery (T2) were compared. Statistically significant changes were not observed for the other measurements (*P < 0.05)