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Table 6 Survival rate and marginal bone loss according to fixture diameter

From: The long-term evaluation of the prognosis of implants with acid-etched surfaces sandblasted with alumina: a retrospective clinical study

DiameterSurvival rateMarginal bone loss (1 year)Marginal bone loss (final observation)
3.5 mm2/3 (67%)0.68 mm0.55 mm
4.0 mm23/25 (92%)0.46 mm0.63 mm
4.1 mm7/7 (100%)0.17 mm0.25 mm
4.5 mm12/13 (92%)0.40 mm0.53 mm
4.8 mm8/8 (100%)0.13 mm0.20 mm
5.0 mm39/40 (98%)0.35 mm0.51 mm
  1. There was no statistically significant difference among the groups. (p = 0.244)