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Table 1 Summary of all cases

From: Patient-specific implants for maxillofacial defects: challenges and solutions

SexAgeEtiologyLocationApproachAdjustmentSatisfactionInfectionCommentsHospital stay (days)Follow-up (months)
F23Rombreg syndromeFrontal, zygoma, and maxillaBicoronal and vestibularTrimming of nasal extensionSatisfiedNoneMaxilla and zygoma implant was too big as 1 piece.118
F28Hemifacial microsomiaBody and ramus of LT mandibleVestibularDesigned to be away from mental nerveSatisfiedNoneNone111
F34Post-BSSO undefined jaw linesBilateral angle of mandibleVestibularNoneSatisfiedNoneDifficulty in screw fixation due to short implant110
M25Post-craniotomyCraniumBicoronalDrainage holes createdSatisfiedNoneNone110
M19Post-traumatic secondary deformityNasal ridge, zygoma, and orbit with cutting guides for zygoma repositioningBicoronal, transconjuctival, and vestibularTrimming of nasal implantSatisfiedNoneNasal implant was bulky.112
M50Post-mandibular resectionMandibleSubmandibularNoneSatisfiedNoneNone112