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Table 1 Landmarks for measurements used in this study

From: Changes in the hyoid bone, tongue, and oropharyngeal airway space after mandibular setback surgery evaluated by cone-beam computed tomography

Landmarks Definition
N (nasion) Point of contact between frontal bone and suture between 2 halves of nasal bones
S (sella) Midpoint of the sella turcica
Po (porion) Most superior point of external auditory meatus
Or (orbitale) Lowest point on infraorbital margin of each orbit
B (B-point) Most concave point on mandibular symphysis
Hb (hyoid bone point) Most anterosuperior point of the hyoid bone
TT (tongue tip) Most anterior point of the tongue
U1 (maxillary incisor) Incisal edge of the maxillary central incisor