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Table 3 Predictors of the precocious pubertal response, including the univariate and adjusted odd ratio and 95% confidence limits according to maxillary dental developmental abnormalities

From: Association of maxillary dental developmental abnormality with precocious puberty: a case-control study

Control group vs CPP group Odd ratio (95 % CI)
Unadjusteda Adjustedb
Maxillary DDAs 3.85 (1.92-6.92) 3.36 (1.60-7.05)
 Mesiodens 4.98 (2.46-10.06) 5.52 (2.29-13.28)
 Except mesiodens 1.39 (0.43-4.44)  
  1. Abbreviations: CPP central precocious puberty, CI confidence interval, DDAs dental developmental abnormalities
  2. aUnivariate logistic regression
  3. bAdjustment of age and sex