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Table 2 Myelinated axon thickness, unmyelinated axon thickness, G-ratio, and myelin thickness in groups A (sham), B (0.7 N tension stretch), and C (1.5 N tension stretch)

From: Functional and electron-microscopic changes after differential traction injury in the sciatic nerve of a rat

  Group Mean
Myelinated axon thickness (μm) A 5.82±0.30
B 6.23±0.23
C 3.97±0.34
Unmyelinated axon thickness (μm) A 3.95±0.22
B 4.50±0.17
C 2.98±0.25
G-ratio A 0.68±0.014
B 0.72±0.011
C 0.75±0.016
Myelin thickness (μm) A 1.85±0.11
B 1.72±0.08
C 0.98.12