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Table 1 Articles included for this systematic review and quantity of saliva required for exosomal miR detection

From: Salivary exosomal microRNAs as biomarkers for head and neck cancer detection—a literature review

Author and publication year Title Study type Saliva sample (ml)
Byun et al. 2015 [15] Diagnostic profiling of salivary exosomal microRNAs in oral lichen planus patients Saliva 5
Langevin et al. 2017 [16] Comprehensive microRNA-sequencing of exosomes derived from head and neck carcinoma cells in vitro reveals common secretion profiles and potential utility as salivary biomarkers Saliva and in vitro 2
Gai et al. 2018 [17] Salivary extracellular vesicle-associated miRNAs as potential biomarkers in oral squamous cell carcinoma Saliva -
He et al. 2020 [18] Salivary exosomal miR-24-3p serves as a potential detective biomarker for oral squamous cell carcinoma screening Saliva, in vitro and tumor tissue 5
Farag et al. 2021 [19] MiR-134/miR-200a-derived salivary exosomes are novel diagnostic biomarkers of oral squamous cell carcinoma Saliva 3
  1. “-” = unspecified