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Table 1 Progress workflow and performer for CSP and VSP

From: Comparison of time and cost between conventional surgical planning and virtual surgical planning in orthognathic surgery in Korea

  CSP VSP Performer
Outpatient workup Clinical photograph
2D radiography (panorama, Lat-cephalogram, PA-cephalogram)
Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)
Dental hygienist
  Group I Group II Group I Group II  
2 1 1 Intern
 Facebow transfer Yes No No Resident
 Bite registration 2 1 1 Intern
Office workup Import Lat.-cephalogram Import CBCT  
Trace 2D Lat.-cephalogram Trace 3D CBCT Resident
2D surgical planning 3D surgical planning  
Mounting Hanau articulator
Simple articulator
Simple articulator Simple articulator Intern
 Laboratory Model surgery Virtual surgery  
  Case confirm No Yes No Resident/technician
  Stent fabrication Manual fabrication 3D printing  
  1. Abbreviations: CSP conventional surgical planning; VSP virtual surgical planning; 2D 2-dimensional; 3D 3-dimentional; Lat. cephalogram, lateral-cephalogram; PA cephalogram, posterio-anterior cephalogram