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Table 1 New bone formation

From: Bone regeneration of demineralized dentin matrix with platelet-rich fibrin and recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 on the bone defects in rabbit calvaria

Group 2 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
Control group (defect) 3.2fect 5.8fect 8.1fect
Experimental group 1 (DDM) 20.3rime 30.6rimen 45.1rimen
Experimental group 2 (PRF/DDM) 22.7rimen 31.2rimen 46.5rimen
Experimental group 3 (rhBMP-2/DDM) 26.9rimen 42.7±13.8 58.7±19.8
  1. Statistically significant difference compared to the DDM group (P < 0.05) (each group averagefstandard deviation, %)