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Table 4 Excluded studies with reason

From: Prevalence of complications associated with polymer-based alloplastic materials in nasal dorsal augmentation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Title (reference) Reason on exclusion
1. Medpor in maxillofacial deformities: report of three cases [46] 3 cases
2. A case report of ophthalmic artery emboli secondary to calcium hydroxylapatite filler injection for nose augmentation–long-term outcome [47] Not solid polymers
3. Case reports of adipose-derived stem cell therapy for nasal skin necrosis after filler injection [48] Not solid polymers
4. Complete septal extension grafts using porous high-density polyethylene sheets for the westernization of the Asian nose. [21] Not for dorsum
5. Retinal branch artery embolization following hyaluronic acid injection: a case report [49] Not solid polymers
6. Two cases of adverse reactions of hyaluronic acid-based filler injections [50] Not solid polymers
7. A newly designed minigraft to achieve angularity and projection of the nasal tip: the asymmetrical bipyramidal graft [51] Not dorsum separately
8. Foreign body reaction to Radiesse: 2 cases [52] 2 cases
9. Plastic surgery for women [53] Not related
10. Midline volume filler injection for facial rejuvenation and contouring in Asians [54] Not solid polymers
11. Non-surgical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid fillers: predictable results using software for the evaluation of nasal angles [55] Not solid polymers
12. Nasal filling in plastic surgery practice: primary nasal filling, nasal filling for post-rhinoplasty defects, rhinoplasty after hyaluronidase injection in dissatisfied nasal filling patients [56] Not solid polymers
13. Calcium hydroxylapatite gel (Radiesse) injection for the correction of postrhinoplasty contour deficiencies and asymmetries [57] Not dorsum separately
14. Augmentation rhinoplasty: observations on 1200 cases [58] Not solid polymers
15. Secondary rhinoplasty of the Asian nose: correction of the contracted nose [59] Not solid polymers
16. Revision rhinoplasty in ethnic patients: pollybeak deformity and persistent bulbous tip [60] Not dorsum separately
17. Correction of the supratip deformity of the nose [61] Not dorsum separately
18. Assessment of nostril symmetry after primary cleft rhinoplasty in patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate [62] Complications were not assessed
19. Operative techniques in Asian rhinoplasty [63] Operative techniques
20. E-M shaped septal encircling with Medpor reconstruction on crooked noses: personal technique and postoperative results [64] Septal encircling reconstruction, not related
21. Late complications of nasal augmentation using silicone implants [65] Complications were not mentioned
22. Periorbital necrotizing fasciitis and orbital apex syndrome as a delayed but emergent complication of silicone nasal augmentation [66] Case report
23. Management of wide nasofrontal angle with GORE-TEX implants [67] Not dorsum
24. Silicone rubber implants in nasal reconstructive surgery [68] Not dorsum separately
25. Availability and safety of osteotomy in esthetic rhinoplasty of east Asian patients [25] Not dorsum separately
[69] Evaluation and proportion in nasal filling with hyaluronic acid Not found yet. Searching (not retrieved)
27. Prevention and management of iatrogenic blindness associated with aesthetical filler injections [70] Not related
[71] Efficacy and safety of a hyaluronic acid filler to correct aesthetically detracting or deficient features of the Asian nose: a prospective, open-label, long-term study Not solid polymers
29. Application of a porous polyethylene spreader graft for nasal lengthening in Asian patients [72] Not dorsum separately
30. Use of fillers in rhinoplasty [73] Not solid polymers
31. Simple implant augmentation rhinoplasty [74] No number
32. Soft and firm alloplastic implants in rhinoplasty: why, when and how to use them: a review of 311 cases [75] Not dorsum separately
33. The use of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene in short nose elongation: fourteen years of clinical experience [76] L shaped
34. A novel method to enhance dynamic rhinoplasty outcomes: double “V” carving for alloplastic grafts [77] L-shaped
35. The nonsurgical rhinoplasty: a retrospective review of 5000 treatments [78] Not dorsum separately
36. The use of Medpor implants for midface contouring in cleft patients [24] Not dorsum separately
37. Long-term results of high-density porous polyethylene implants in facial skeletal augmentation: an Indian perspective [79] Not dorsum separately
38. aAre polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-Tex) implants an alternative material for nasal dorsal augmentation in Asians? [23] Not dorsum separately
39. Nasal dorsum reconstruction with alloplastic material [80] Complications were not mentioned
40. Injection rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite: a retrospective survey investigating outcome and complication rates [81] 3 cases
41. Use of porous high-density polyethylene in revision rhinoplasty and in the platyrrhine nose [82] Not dorsum separately
42. Soft tissue fillers in the nose [83] Not solid polymers
43. Problems associated with alloplastic materials in rhinoplasty [84] Complications not mentioned
44. [Nasal dorsal augmentation] [85] Not in English (not retrieved)
45. Rhinofilling with hyaluronic acid thought as a cartilage graft [86] Not solid polymers
46. A simple technique for the correction of maxillonasal dysplasia using customized expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) implants [87] “L”-shaped ePTFE
47. Revision rhinoplasty of Asian noses: analysis and treatment [88] Complications not mentioned
48. [Pyodermatitis of the nasal pyramid disclosing a complication of rhinoplasty with silicone implant] [89] Not in English (not retrieved)
49. Use of porous high-density polyethylene in revision rhinoplasty and in the platyrrhine nose (Romo III et al.) [82] 68 patients had dorsum tip implants/complications were not categorized
50. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty with the novel hyaluronic acid filler VYC-25L: results using a nasal grid approach (Bertossi et al.) [90] Not solid polymers