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Table 1 The contents of the questionnaire

From: Usefulness and capability of three-dimensional, full high-definition movies for surgical education

Q1: Have you ever watched a 3D movie?

 1) First time, 2) 2–3 times, 3) 4–5 times, 4) More than 6 times

Q2: How do you feel after watching a 3D movie?

 1) Excellent, 2) Good, 3) Not bad, 4) Bad

Q3: What do you think the advantages of a 3D movie are?

 1) Appearance of solidity, 2) Realism, 3) Innovation, 4) Other

Q4: Do you think 3D movies are useful for medical practice?

 1) Quite useful, 2) Useful, 3) Not useful at all

Q5: What part of medical training or practice would benefit most from 3D movies?

 1) Pre-graduate education, 2) Post-graduate education

 3) Professional education, 4) Explanations of treatment

 5) Research

Q6: Please write any additional comments.