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Table 1 The characteristics of patients who underwent supraclavicular artery island flap reconstruction

From: The supraclavicular artery island flap: a salvage option for head and neck reconstruction

Case Age/sex Underlying disease Previous adjuvant therapy Location of defect Cause of defect Flap dimension (cm) Harvesting time (min) Recipient site morbidity Follow-up period (months)
1 60/M HTN DM RT Upper neck (skin) ORN 10 × 20 46 None 8
2 82/M HTN HThR RT Upper neck (skin) ORN 9.0 × 19 33 Wound dehiscence 6
3 77/M HTN CCRT Cheek (skin) Recurred SCC 9.5 × 22 19 None 6
  1. HTN hypertension, DM diabetes mellitus, HThR hypothyroidism, RT radiotherapy, CCRT concurrent chemoradiotherapy, ORN osteoradionecrosis, SCC squamous cell carcinoma