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Table 3 Measurements

From: Skeletal stability after 2-jaw surgery via surgery-first approach in facial asymmetry patients using CBCT

A-SRPDistance from A point to SRP (sagittal reference plane)
U1-SRPDistance from U1 to SRP (sagittal reference plane)
Me-SRPDistance from Me to SRP (sagittal reference plane)
Pog-CPDistance from Pog to CP (coronal plane)
R body heightDistance from L3CPRt. to MP (mandibular plane)
L body heightDistance from L3CPLt. to MP (mandibular plane)
R maxillary heightDistance from U6CPRt. to HRP (horizontal reference plane)
L maxillary heightDistance from U6CPLt. to HRP (horizontal reference plane)
R ramus lengthDistance from CdsupRt. to GoinfRt.
L ramus lengthDistance from CdsupLt. to GoinfLt
R frontal ramal inclinationAngle between CdlatRt.-GolatRt. to SRP (sagittal reference plane)
L frontal ramal inclinationAngle between CdlatLt.-GolatLt. to SRP (sagittal reference plane)