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Table 1 Studies that have reported on surgical treatments for cystic degeneration of craniofacial fibrous dysplasia (CFD)

From: An unusual presentation of non-specific cystic degeneration of craniofacial fibrous dysplasia: a case report and review of literature

Author Onset age (years), sex Location of cystic degeneration of CFD Symptom Surgical treatment Pathology
Ferretti et al. [6] 12, M Right mandible Swelling Enucleation Benign fibro-osseous lesion
Muraoka et al. [7] 25, F Left maxillary sinus Swelling Decompression Fibrous dysplasia
Diah et al. [8] 12, M Right frontal, Sphenoid, Occipital bone Swelling Resection Aneurysmal bone cyst
Diah et al. [8] 22, F Right sphenoid Pain, swelling, visual deterioration Resection Walled, with chronic inflammation and hemorrhage
Nadaf et al. [9] 40, F Both mandible Swelling Resection Fibro-osseous lesion
Oostenbroek-Bisschop et al. [10] 40, F Right mandibular condyle Pain Resection Fibrous dysplasia with cystic degeneration
Saxena et al. [11] 9, M Left ethmoid air cells area Swelling, left nasal blockage and bleeding Resection Fibrous dysplasia with hemorrhagic cystic change
Holl et al. [12] 16, F Left sphenoid Visual deterioration Decompression Aneurysmal bone cyst
Bowers et al. [26] 24, F Sphenoid Visual deterioration Decompression Data does not exist